Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photo Tip #16 and 1.5 DAYS LEFT TO POST A PIC!!

This contest is getting exciting... we had another entrant, and it was a truly beautiful picture! I've heard from many of you saying you are gearing up to enter, so don't be shy. I'm looking forward to seeing your gorgeous pics!

Today's TIP (#16) is a simple one... Don't forget to take pictures of details.

People remember this at weddings... pics of the dress, the flowers, the invitations. What about pictures of your baby's adorable feet? Your dad's rugged hands? The tree you fall in love with every fall? If it has sentimental value, shoot it! I mean, um, photograph it! I find these things to be precious reminders of life's blessings. It's so hard to see my baby's adorable chubby hands on those action shots... I love having the detail pics to pour over in the times of reminiscing.

So, go nuts!

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Beth E. said...

These are gorgeous pictures. You do such a great job! :o)