Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Photo Tip #15 Framing, Foreground and Angles (3DAYSLEFT!!!)

3 Days left in the contest! Post a picture on your blog, mention the contest, and then leave a comment on my blog letting me know where to find your pics. The winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card :-). Hint.... only 1 person has entered so far so the contest odds are incredible. lol.

Photo Tip #15 Use the foreground in pictures to frame your subject, and try different angles!

This one is pretty straightforward. We've all seen pictures with a loved one standing in front of a garden or a pretty bridge. Get creative! How about putting your subject BEHIND some flowers or through an archway? Remember to keep the subject in focus, not the foreground.

I think I've mentioned this before but also try angling your camera for a twist and some impact.

Here's a hint... when shooting through a doorway or with some other element with straight lines: Try to avoid having the lines parallel to the egde of your picture, especially if it is a wall. I find that it is very difficult to get it perfectly straight and it just makes a picture look crooked. Try it and you'll see what I mean.

Some examples?

On an angle:

Through an archway:

Here, the grass is the foreground. Getting low to the ground and shooting uphill with produce this effect:

Try getting someone and shooting what they are looking at:

Behind a flower:

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Christina said...

I have a question. Am I allowed to enter, even if I am a photographer? And what are the guidelines for the photo I submit?

Christina said...

Ahh now I have no idea what to enter! lol


Hey, aren't you supposed to ask permission from your "model"? Please see my photo contest submission by clicking on my blog. Thank you!