Monday, April 20, 2009

Babysitters for Daytime Appointments

If you are a mother of young children (chances are if you are reading this blog), you may know what it is like to be stuck for babysitting during the daytime hours. This morning I needed to go for a last-minute doctor's appointment and lo, the four kids decided to get sick. What was I going to do?

My parents work during the day, my hubby as well, and my mom friends were all busy with their own little ones. Sometimes it works out that I can drop the babies off to a friend, but today they are couging and sniffling. It just so happened that my plan B (actually, today it felt like plan K) worked out.

We have a teenage girl in our church who does a lot of babysitting, but I still wasn't sure if I felt comfortable leaving her alone in my home with 4 sick boys. I am nervous about these things... um, Ok, actually I am a wreck. LOL. So I needed to feel comfortable with the arrangement. So I opted for her to provide car-sitting service.

It was perfect. She had a spare period from class, so I picked her up and brought her along to the doctor's office. She then sat in the car with the little ones, entertaining them with music or i-spy games, snacks, etc. while I was free to run in for my appointment. I didn't have to worry about her being able to watch them all, since they were strapped into car seats, and she didn't worry about getting sick, since they were strapped into car seats. I highly recommend the car-sitting solution for those days when you are really stuck.

So that has been my day.... doctors and fevers and boogers. Hope yours has been some better!

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Beth E. said...

I used to do that!!! There was a neighbor boy who used to ride with us as I ran errands. He would sit with the boys while I took care of various things. Most of the time, our boys sleep when they are in the car, so this boy made some eeeeeasy money!

You crack me up talking about them being strapped in. Now, if they only made Velcro pj's and a Velcro wall...we'd take care of them in the house, too!!! Haha! Jusssst kidding. :o)

Hope they all feel better soon. And YOU...don't you get sick. You've been sick enough over the past few months!

Take care, and watch out for far-flung boogers. Ew...

Love ya,