Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mommies following their dreams...

What did you say when you were little and people asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I bet you didn't say "cleaning-cooking-booger-wiping-bodily-waste-management-expert, referee and desperate housewife". Some days it seems that that's exactly what I am... AND it comes with poor pay and little positive feedback, though admittedly, it has awesome benefits! I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Still, I wonder what it would be like to follow those childhood dreams at the same time. So what was your answer? Mine was Writer, Photographer, Teacher and Olympic gymnast! Now there's a tall order. :) But seriously, what steps could a mommy-blogger take to do all that she was created to do, fulfilling passions long forgotten. Think it's impossible? Think again!

#1 Writer - Just do it! Many of you can relate to this passion, as you have blogs of your own. But what about that novel you've been storing up? Afraid of rejection? You can't even get a "no" until you put it out there. It will NEVER be published collecting dust in the recesses of your mind. Today, I submitted a poetry book I've written to a publisher, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! Can I share? Just submitting it has filled me with excitement and joy. It's already been worth the effort.

#2 Photographer - I have a home business doing photography... encouraged by my hubby, I found a mentor and jumped in. 6 years later, it's still a joy. Being home with kids also gives us moms the unique opportunity to ponder home-based opportunities. Have a skill, an artistic bent? Who can you sell it to?

#3 Teacher - Are you a parent? You are a teacher. Enough said. :) Seriously though, a teaching certificate takes about a year if you have a degree, and many parents enjoy having hours similar to their children's school times... enabling them to be home when their babes are home. How about night school?

#4 Olympic gymnast - give it up. It ain't gonna happen. Some dreams are meant to stay that way. Pray about it. :)

So what are your dreams? And what are you doing to fulfill them? Being a wife and mother fill me like no other job in the world, but I'm also thankful that God made me artistic and that I can use those gifts to share His glory with not only my kids, but the world. So hit me with it sista! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

Oooo....I wanna play along....I wanted to be a vet, a nurse, a musician/singer, and a missionary....

I did work for Fish and Wildlife and I took care of sick animals there (at times, after an oil spill) so I can kind of check off vet. I used to sing at my church, so I guess that's another one. As a mom, I am basically a nurse (right?!). As for a missionary...I guess that one is still on hold...but not completely off the books I guess.

What a fun post...I can't wait to hear how wonderfully your poetry book does - I LOVE your poetry and I would buy it in a heartbeat (I could even say to people...I knew her when....)

Beth E. said...

I wanted to be a singer...which is funny, because I'm too chicken to sing a solo!!!

Felicia said...

Love the teacher comment! I am actually a school counselor. I chose the school route instead of private practice for that very reason.... time with family!!!!

Awesome post!

You are about to have an award...probably will post Saturday. LOL! Not sure!

Liz said...

I know it's dorky, but I wanted to be a mommy...I told people I wanted to be a nurse, a teacher, and a pro basketball player....ya know cause it was not cool to say you wanted to be a mommy...but down deep that's I'll I have ever wanted to be....and now that my dreams have come true....well now I want to be a nurse, a teacher and a pro basketball player...HA! Seriously, though I would love to get into photography and I would LOVE to be a PE teacher...someday I'll go back to school...when I'm done paying for the other 8 years of school I've already done!

Felicia said...

Hey Rachel.. you have an award here: