Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lunchtime Fun and an Award

I am so stoked! Yep, I am! Two reasons. One: Scribblers! Two: I got an award!

Have you seen these cake scribblers things? They are little tubes of icing that you can use to decorate cookies, cakes, or as in the case at my house today.... pancakes!! I made pancakes, which usually go over well with my little ones anyway, but add ICING and kazam!! We have a winner! I highly recommend these babies. They are by Cake Mate, my new best friends. Maybe tonight I'll use them to decorate the broccoli salad.....

Other added bonuses:

1) they are low in calories and fat (unless you eat 10 pancakes like I must have done)

2) they harden so that you can decorate and store cookies

A new food item AND I got an award from Everyday Mom!!! It's my lucky day. :-) I love this lady... please check out her blog.
And to receive I am to list 5 of my addictions (ahem):
1. Jesus
2. Chocolate
3. Blogging (surfing, chatting, emailing, etc)
4. Reading and Writing
5. My family (my hubby and 4 fab boys)
And the next winner of this FAB award is......
I love this woman's faith. Please go visit, comment and read. It's inspiring to be around those who are on fire for the Lord!
Later ladies...


everyday mom said...

Awww I love you to and you deserve the award!!

Tabitha Blue said...

Ok, now I NEED some of those scribblers!! How fun. And great list too!!!

jcdisciple said...

Thank are soooo sweet. You just brightened my day immensely!

Beth E. said...

I've missed reading your posts...glad to see you! Gonna look for scribblers tomorrow!

Beth E.