Wednesday, December 10, 2008

remember searching through the clover?

reminiscing today....

Treasure in the Lea

Cloverleaf, Cloverleaf
one, two, three
Picked from the garden
under the tree

Hiding in the patch
is the fabled lucky four
a velvet clover tri-leaf
with one petal more

Cherub chubby smiles
are becoming long of tooth
searching through the field
oh! the the treasure heart of youth

Round green petals
amassing in the lea
tiny hands a-panning
one, two, three


Beth E. said...

Wow...that's a great poem. You are a very gifted writer!

So, how are you feeling...any better?

Liz said...

I LOVE it!! What a sweet poem. I fully remember those warm summer days, searching with my brother in the yard for a 4-leaf clover!!

Liz said...

so cute! you are so talented!