Monday, December 29, 2008

Kitchen Soap idea

Hi friends... update on my recipe book cutting project - I LOVE IT. For now, all I've done is file my favourite recipes in folders labelled breakfast, lunch, dinner, baking, sauces and dips, etc... but it makes looking for something good to cook SO easy, and weekly menu planning a breeze. At some point, when I finish the deconstruction (lol) I will probably buy a large notebook and either glue them in, or get one with pockets. I don't know. Any ideas for me? Anyhoo, I highly recommend the cookbook cut-up!

Now for the kitchen soap. Do you know what I find irritating? Having to LIFT the Palmolive bottle to squeeze out an often oversized glob of soap onto my sponge every time I need to use it. I mean, my hands are already soapy and wet and I'm usually holding a dish that is half clean and have nowhere to put it down besides back in the dirty sink. Helpful. BESIDES THAT, the bottle is usually all gunky at the tip from repeated use, and just tall enough to touch the curtain hanging delicately above my kitchen sink. Guess what happens to all that gunk? My pretty white curtain gets a lovely yellow stain.

But I have a solution! One I have used for years actually... a bathroom soap dispenser!! Mine is a short chubby yellow liquid dispenser (originally designed for hand soap) and I love it. Every squirt is perfectly measured (saves me money and aggravation) and my curtain is safe from harm. Not only that, but it is incredibly suited to one handed-use, even while holding the sponge. No need to put the dish down. And perhaps the nicest bonus? My kitchen sink set-up looks much prettier. I don't particularly like the look of gunky soap bottles on the counter.

So there you have it! Another brilliant idea by Rachel (LOL) to make your already cheery day (it had to be cheery, you were reading my blog... haha)! I should include a picture for you, but I'm being lazy and I don't feel like it. Later friends!


Sharon said...

That is a neat idea Rachel!

LKHarris-Kolp said...

I love all your clever helpful hints- maybe you could write a book!

Beth E. said...

Great idea...I never would have thought of that on my own! :o)

Tina Leigh said...

I put my recipes in those clear protective sheets that fit into a 3 ring note book. That way I dont mess the real recipe up with my dirty hands...I have a problem of getting butter, batter, etc. all over my pages. The clear covers protect them & wipe clean. I have an old recipe book that my Mama started for me when I first got married. The cover is torn off & the pages are ragged. I retyped them, slipped them in the clear covers along with the new recipes I find & like. They're organized pretty much like you have yours with a devider in between them.