Friday, December 26, 2008

Cutting up my recipe books...

Merry Christmas friends. I just realized that I reached 100 posts (my last post - lol)! Yay... and how fitting that it was a post about prayer and getting on my knees before God. That's what it's all about... the Lord!

So anyway, guess what I was doing tonight? Cutting up my recipe books!!! The title gave it away eh?

Nope, it wasn't because I'm an awesome cook and don't need them...

No... not because I'm a terrible cook and decided they were taking up space (hehe)....

Not a school project, a desperate attempt to find some cool "wall art", or even a statement on society's over-consumption in the modern era.

I decided to finally get my meal planning in order! Cooking for a family of 6, trying to keep it healthy and not having a completely boring menu has always been a challenge for me. My poor 3 year old has been very constipated and needs a high fibre diet... so I am motivated!

So why would I cut up the recipe books? Because though they look beautiful sitting all in a row in my kitchen, I rarely use them. It's too much work to me to pull out a book and leaf through it looking for a good recipe to try. I am constantly in my kitchen, and I need good food ideas and recipes HANDY!

So I'm cutting them up! And I now have them filed under Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Sides and Salads, Baking, and Dips and Sauces. No more recipes I'll never use. And I have other ways of decorating my kitchen than wasting space on dust-collecting books.

If you use your recipe books, please keep them! But for me, they don't work. And a household runs smoothly when it's set up for the individual quirks and habits of it's inhabitants. If a system isn't working... get rid of it, and try a new one. This tip alone has saved me hours of aggravation. Even if I spend money on some "wonderful" household organizational item - if it's not getting used within a month, I scrap it and try again.

So... anyone wanna buy some rarely used and slightly cut up cookbooks? LOL..

Again, Merry Christmas friends!!


Rachel said...

I think this is an excellent idea! I love Menu Planning and it is such a hassle to pull out all of the recipe books.

By the way, I just wanted to let you know that I added your button to my blog-roll. :)

Have a wonderful weekend.
~~Rachel of Following In My Shoes

Audrey said...

THis is a GREAT idea! One question, how are you organizing them? In a binder, file, etc.?

Beth E. said...

Neat idea! I get into a cooking rut quite frequently. I have numerous recipe books, yet I tend to cook the same 5 or 6 meals over and over.

I have two in our family who are basically "meat and potatoes" guys...not too many veggies. The other guy in the family hardly eats any meat and lives mostly on pasta and veggies. Me? I could just live on soups if I didn't have to feed them!

Be sure to keep us posted on how this system works for you. I might be persuaded to give this one a try! :o)