Sunday, November 9, 2008

You'll never believe it...

Guess what time I slept until today. Go on guess!

Are you ready for this?

4 P.M.

Yes.... you read that right. It was not a typo. I slept until noon, got up, cared for a sick toddler, and then went back to bed.

Hmmm... hubby gets some brownie points for this, don't you think?

Other random news.. I lost a "follower" today. Boo hoo. LOL. It still amazes me that there are any of you who would like to "follow" me to begin with! I warn you, I'm not a very good guide... watch your step for sure. Ha ha.

I didn't even brush my hair today. You curly haired people out there know what this means.

Hmmm... I guess I could have figured out what to write about before I started this post. I wonder why I'm losing followers? :) Well, I guess since this IS the homemakers' library, I can include something useful:

Formula Cans are the perfect containers for FLOUR. I buy huge bags of flour and store it in the freezer - the formula cans let me have some in my pantry ready to use.

If you are pregnant and are getting too big for your regular pants, but not big enough yet for maternity, just use a rubber band through the button loop. How can I explain this? Put the rubber band through the hole, back through one end of the rubber band, and then over the button on the other side. Oh, and wear a shirt long enough to cover it. Hee hee.

Did you guys know that I am a poet? Oh yeah, I have a poem on my blog... lol. I'm participating in the Poem-A-Day Challenge on Writers Digest, Poetic Asides. You should check it out. Laurie K is also participating... check out her blog. I love it.

Do you guys think parenting is an adventure? You also should enjoy These are soooooo funny, and true. Love these comics!

Well, that's about all I have to babble about today!

Happy Sunday folks. Love and prayers...


LKHarris-Kolp said...

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog, and DOUBLE THANKS for adding yourself to my followers. I think it's wonderful to support each other and share with others. I'm a big fan of your poetry- you are very talented. Are you going to make your Nov. PAD poems into a chapbook after this month is over?

Liz said...

funny...I lost a follower recently too...ah well...

I can't imagine sleeping until 4!! Your hubby definitely earned points for that one...good guy (despite his bedspread fluffing :)

Liz said...

well i'm still following fact i gave you an award! see my blog to receive!

Christina said...

Ooooohhhh, lucky you. I couldn't sleep 'til 4:00 if I tried and tried. What a wonderful husband you have to take care of you like that!

Oh, and if you're talking about me not following you anymore, I am. I just decided to go anonymous (I wrote a note on my blog explaining it).

Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

OH lucky girl!!! I wish I could just sleep until 9! Too bad you have a sick toddler though, that is always hard!

Liz said...

awwww...thanks for grabbing my button....I actually don't like it all that much - going to make a new one soon - I am going to try to make it update automatically so there will be no work for you :)

Tabitha Blue said...

Well what sweet comments you give!! Makes me blush :)

The button should be all fixed! Thanks for mentioning.

And, wow, sleeping till 4!!! Woah, well, you must've needed it. Hope you feel all nice and rested to tackle the rest of the week! :)

Becky :) said...

I love when I am able to sleep in on the weekends. It's usuall not until my kids go to their Dad's for the weekend. But that every other weekend sleep in is fantabulous!!!!

Don't worry about losing any followers. They'll come back, you have a great blog!!!!

kay said...

I'm still following! (:

Sleeping in is the best... I have Veteran's Day off tomorrow, and I can't wait to sleep in a little.