Saturday, November 29, 2008

sleepy Saturday zzzz

You all are probably off visiting relatives for thanksgiving weekend anyway, and I'm tired (and sick again boo hoo) so I'm posting old pics for your amusement (Ok, I can't think of anything else):

This is me, the day before delivering my fourth son. We went for a wagon ride and my water broke.... yes, it does work. No, I don't recommend it. I was huge! I look like I stuffed a massive balloon under my shirt.

And this is my hubby, imitating me. Sigh.

Happy thanksgiving friends! I'm thankful for you....


Liz said...

You are a very cute pregnant lady...your hubby not so much :)

Sorry you are feeling icky again - what a rotten time of year to be unwell...I hope you feel better soon!!

Blind Mom said...

I remember when I was pregnant. I hope you feel better soon. Congrats on the new one coming.

Beth E. said...

Sorry you are sick again...sometimes it seems like the germs bounce from one family member to another, 'round and 'round...Hope you feel better soon!

Please continue to pray for Bill, my hubby. Thanks!