Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have a HUBBY of a headache...

See why....

How to treat a HUBBY of a headache:
1. NEVER let your husband take control of the family video recording equipment.
2. Sometimes applying the correct dose of the following items can bring relief - hockey sticks, pucks, video games, coffee money, and computer time. Only use SMALL doses and in controlled amounts, or your headache may never come back!
3. Cover the table (or other objectionable household mess) with food. He'll never see past the cookies.
4. Laugh at him (it's either that or cry).
5. Love him.
6. Feed him (it bears repeating).

Men! Can't live with 'em! Pass the chips.. :D


Liz said...

well...in the first part of the video, i thought the table looked a little sticky..then as i kept watching i understood why! ha...you still have watermelon up there in canada???

Beth E. said...

I think that if hubby doesn't like the way YOU clean the table, then HE can clean the table from now on! ;o)

Loved the video...kinda gave me a headache, too, though. lol