Friday, November 7, 2008

Diapering - should there really be any debate?

Have you read the articles in parenting magazines about the myriad of choices in baby bottom covers and their accessories??

I only have one question... do we really need to spend so much time talking about poop?

Don't get me wrong. I completely agree that we need to make wise decisions for our children and the environment and diapering IS an important decision. We must also bear in mind that we moms spend endless hours of our lives up to our elbows in well, crap, so we want to do it as painlessly as possible.

But having 4 boys means that I am constantly surrounded by smells and strange noises (actually my hubby is the biggest culprit) and when I finally get a moment to relax with a magazine, I really don't want to be wasting any of my precious moments deliberating over diapering options - I mean come on, I'm ALREADY locked in the bathroom (where else would I get a free moment? Duh.), isn't that bad enough?

SO, my advice, as a mom who has been diapering 7 years plus straight.... is to do the research, make the decision as quickly and wisely as possible, and then try to manipulate your husband into doing the dirty deed (I find bribery and tears work well for this).

I admire you mothers who do the whole cloth diapering thing... you are AWESOME and my hat is off to you, but by the time I heard about the wonderful options out there (hmm.. I guess I should have read that magazine after all), I was on my fourth and set in my ways.

For you who use the disposables, I have a few observations that work well for my boys:

- Use the expensive diapers when they are newborn to 6 months old, when they are most sensitive and susceptible to diaper rash. After that, switch to the generic brand.

- Use petroleum jelly for the first week of a baby's life. It REALLY helps with removing those "sticky tar" poops. After that I chuck the stuff out.

- The only extra items I buy for diapering are Penaten medicated cream, and baby wipes. Penaten - I only use when a rash is present. Wipes - You can find aloe, alcohol free, hypoallergenic wipes in generic... BUY IN BULK, and keep the plastic tubs so you can get refill packages.

- Keep a bag packed with extra diapers, wipes and CLOTHES in your car. You will need them, trust me. Yes, clothes for the kids, and clothes for YOU (especially if you have boys, and even if you don't).

- Newborn babies' diapers leak. Sorry. If you've found a way around it, please feel free to share, but don't look at me, 'cuz I'm not having any more babies.... hubby would like to but I have an appointment booked for him at the doctors soon. Shhhh.

- and finally AND MOST IMPORTANT***** I keep a clothespin attached to the change table. No, it's not for clothes. Yes, it's for my nose.

So that's it. What a crappy post eh? LOL. Motherhood is SO glamerous, I always say.

ttyl friends! :)


everyday mom said...

For those of you that have an Aldis close their diapers are cheap and great. We have always covered Jacks bot in diaper cream at night and never had a problem with diaper rash, it stops the wet from touching the skin.

See Poopy topics aren't so bad

Liz said...

I actually used generic from the beginning for my last two..they aren't really sensitive boys (at least their skin isn't) so it worked fine for us...PLUS...the generic were the only ones that didn't leak...a couple of friends game me expensive diapers as a gift for my most recent son (I guess they felt sorry for him that I am so cheap) anyway they leaked everywhere!
ahhhhh come on have one more baby with me....we could have 5 boys together! ;-)

Christina said...

I think that as parent we get used to discussing things like this. But I don't really like dwelling on it or other bodily functions. That said, I'll go on to share my opinions. ; ) Packing extra clothes for baby AND mom is one of the best ideas! (My husband came up with it for me when Little Man was a few month old--yes, he's one smart man.) I use cloth when we're at home, disposable when I'm out and about. I'm hoping that using cloth will motivate Little Man and me to potty train earlier. ; )

My Goodness said...

I love this post...because EVERYONE can relate!! :)

I use desire to wash poop out of anything all the time...sorry environment!

Next post for you...potty training. My son just turned 3...spill some advice!!

Have a great day!

Beth E. said...

Hey, at least you're talking about baby/kid poop. When you're kids are grown, you end up talking about your own poop. Sorry, didn't get to read your advice regarding NOT talking about poop until I posted my last blog! :/