Monday, November 3, 2008

Boys give you so much to blog about...

I am so touched by my awesome blogging friends... I got another award... from my dear Christina at the Nifty Thrifty Homemaker! She is also the one who created my adorable button (check it out in my sidebar). You've been a great bloggy friend... <3 Thank you1

And Liz at About a Boy (Or Two).... thank you so much for your sweet review of my blog. I love it! I really appreciate how much you encourage me, and I'm so excited that you have reached 100 POSTS! Time to celebrate! I wish you 1000's more... hugs my friend.

And for the award, I list 6 things that I love....

1) My God, my King, my Lord.. His name is Jesus Christ, without whom I am lost, who looked upon me, a perfect wretch, and said YES, I will trade my life for hers.

2) My husband and children, who are my life, and the answer to my prayers. (And the reason that I blog - thanks for the ENDLESS INSPIRATION guys!)

3) My church family, friends, parents, brother and his wife, my extended family, and all the special people without whom life would not be life.

4) My camera (and the priceless images that I will show to my sons' "lady friends" when they walk through my door - hey, they have to get through ME first!)

5) Caramilk Bars and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (Hello, my name is Rachel, and I'm a chocoholic...)

6) The Diaper Genie, and it's ingenious creator, to whom I owe the remains of my sense of smell (and lunch).

Oh, there are sooooo many more.... I want to list them all! Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, Swiffer Wetjets, Dairy Milk Bars, the deadbolt on my bathroom door, Diaper Wipes, plastic gloves and industrial-strength-pick-a-size paper towels (did I mention yet that I'm a chocoholic, and that I have BOYS?)!

Now to pass on the award... are you ready? Are you excited? Drumroll please! Dum da Dum............

I can't do it tonight.

LOL. I'm surprised I got this amount of time. My second born caught the flu and I hear him stirring... which unfortunately means I'll be using some of those plastic gloves and paper towels again. So.... until tomorrow,

lots of love <3


Liz said...

I love your button - I am going to add it to my page now!!

Beth E. said...

I totally agree...boys DO give you so much to blog about! haha

Sorry your little one is sick...hope no one else in your family catches that nasty flu bug!

everyday mom said...

Prayers for your sick one hope he recovers soon.

LKHarris-Kolp said...

I hope everyone doesn't catch it. In my house, whenever I think we've made it through, another one usually comes down with it no matter how hard I clean and disinfect.

P.S. I LOVE your poetry blog, so I check back periodically to see what you've done. You are an awesome poet, and I am loving the PAD challenge! How about you?

Maggie said...

Congrats on the award!! I agree 100%; without my boys, what WOULD there be to blog about?! LOL