Friday, October 3, 2008

Take A Dump!

(My husband and 4 boys are snickering uncontrollably because of the title I chose for today's post. The male species is so immature...)

Anyway, yes. Back to the subject at hand. I am now ready for the final "dump" of the season referring of course, to the quarterly purge to rid the house of unwanted (by me) items. The men of the house would keep everything forever so this is always my job. And I love it. *wicked grin* :D

I warn you moms who have never "taken a dump" - once you do it, you will be hooked, and want to take dumps forever! There is something SO freeing about having LESS stuff to clean up every time you turn around. Its even worth the tears and awful withdrawl symptoms your husband will go through (for all of 2 seconds) when you pry the old dented football trophy from his white-knuckled grip. Be careful, or you may get so excited that you go overboard (it can happen) and have to re-purchase some (who knew?) actually necessary items.

But I encourage you... jump in. Taking a dump is wonderful! And biblical, if I may be so bold. My kids do not need SO MUCH STUFF. How can I teach them contentment and patience when they are given everything their's heart's desire when they desire it? With so many distractions around, how are they going to hear God's still voice calling them to His purposes?

I've heard many a well-meaning parent suggest to me to rotate the childrens' toys - meaning that they have so much that you hide some away for the rainy day when they get bored of their treasures, and quickly switch them before they go into cardiac arrest (Ok, I'm exaggerating now... sort of.).

BUT I HAVE A BETTER IDEA ------> I use that closet space for an empty box, labelled DUMP, that I fill with overflowing household items as I happen upon them. It fills up pretty quickly, and seeing that box there actually motivated my young lads to keep their junk, I mean, things, off the floor. LOL.

Seriously though, doing a clean-out of your home should be done more than once a year. I suggest once a month really. And as we are preparing our homes for a working schedule (see scheduling posts), it is a great time to think about "taking a dump".

My tips and suggestions:
  • Donate what you can. The amount of money that you receive from selling items is usually less than the value they are to someone in need. But only you know what is appropriate. Some moms sell their items regularly to help the family finances and that's cool too.
  • If you haven't used it in a year, let it go. I know it might be useful one day, but unless you know what day that will be, get rid of it.
  • Be RUTHLESS! Do not ask your friend RUTH to help you with this project. Be strong. The withdrawl symptoms won't last forever.
  • Finally, if you keep finding it on the floor, give one warning, and then toss it in the box. We all need to learn how to care for our stuff - after all these things are blessings from God.

Ok, I'm done. My van is loaded and ready to go. Soon I'll be leaving to go take a well-earned "dump" - as soon as I can pry my hubby off the steering wheel...


Perfectlove said...

hey spaceof grace! LOL, Well said...well said, I think I should take a big dump in my room sometime... It really needs it. LOL, ok, that sounds sooo wrong, but U know what I mean. anywho, keep up the good work!

Muthering Heights said...

Yes, yes, yes! I love the feeling of a good purge around here. I love donating our old items, knowing that they will be a blessing to others!

Just a Mommy said...

My husband actually loves to purge, so we don't have much of a problem here. He would say I'm the main slob/keeper of junk around here...I blame it on the kiddos. :D

Kim said...

Well-written! Regarding toys, I learned my lesson from my first 2 children. They had so many toys and books, it was chaos in their room. When my younger 2 girls came along, I did not buy any toys for them . . . they received gifts from family and some hand-me-downs from their older siblings.

I have found that they play much more with just a few toys. An entire room of stuff is too overwhelming for them. I only have about 5 toys out at a time. The rest I keep in the "toy cabinet" out in our garage.

Shaina Herrmann said...

So do you donate the stuff? Throw it away?

I have a lot of stuff I'd like to get rid of but I don't know how to go about donating something.