Thursday, October 2, 2008

Simplicity, Toasters and Working Fire Alarms

Ugh. My toaster went on the fritz again, producing nicely blackened hockey pucks rather than lightly crisped bread. I discovered this (a couple of minutes too late) the other day when my fire alarm started shrieking at me to pop the toast. Bit of a problem, since I had to fling open every window and door in the house while quickly moving the children downstairs to protect them from the dangers of smoke inhalation.

I'm not really complaining. It gave me an excuse to go shopping, and I love shopping. At least I did. Whatever happened to the simple two slice toaster? You know the one with the holes for the bread, and the slider thingy to start them toasting? Gone are the days of simplicity I fear. It would have helped me greatly to have an engineering degree before trying to figure out what a "function" is on a 4 SLICE MULTI-FUNCTION rocket-science machine (I refuse to call these things toasters.).

And I weep for my husband, who is going to wonder what this strange new contraption is in our kitchen, littered with colourful buttons and taking over half the counter top. The older generations (ha ha) always have more difficulty with new technology, and my beloved is no exception. I remember when I first met my hubby.... he came over for a visit and spied my simple 2 SLICE TOASTER on the kitchen table. He furrowed his brow in confusion and blurted out, "What is that thing, a coffee maker??" I'd better start praying for him now.........

In some ways I am very thankful for new technology (especially computers, blogs and fire alarms) but in so many other ways, I know we need to return to simplicity - reading books as a family by the fireplace, mothers keeping their homes knowing that God is perfect and they don't have to be, kids coming home and using their imaginations rather than their playstations, and schedules that are filled with peace, not dominated by the tyrrany of the urgent.

To remind me of these ideals, I have an apron hanging in my kitchen (I actually use it - those things are handy!) and a bible open on my nightstand. I'll talk to you guys later.... I'm going to go do some reading, and play legos with my babies. :-)

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