Monday, October 6, 2008

She's finally gone coo coo....

Hey friends.... you guys are going to think I'm crazy (you'd be right) but I was out tonight having coffee with a friend (woohoo) when inspiration suddenly struck me and I had to write this post.

I'm calling it "I heart my iPod". Hmm. Ok - the title up above reads, "She's finally gone coo coo..." but in reality that only refers to my mental stability and not the topic of this post. (I believe that when my children were born, I also gave birth to an alarming number of brain cells, and I may have been one of the moms who inspired the coining of the endearing term we all know well... "Mommy brain".)

Did you know that on my iPod I can listen to music??? Really? Hmph. Well, that's not all... I can play sudoku (to which I am a hopelessly addicted), go on facebook, chat on MSN, check my Blogger comments (I also heart my subscribers ;-)), do online shopping AND read my bible!!!!

The very coolest thing is that my iPod lights up, so I can do all of this in my room at night under the covers (thereby avoiding hearing my hubby's traditional complaint, "You're on the computer again??" AND my friend pointed out that BECAUSE IT LIGHTS UP and BECAUSE I CAN READ THE BIBLE, that means that His Word really is a LAMP UNTO MY FEET :-) (and I can use my cool little iPod to light the way to the bathroom for one of my nightly potty trips). <---- that was what inspired this inspiring post!

So that's it. I hope you all are enlightened and happy now that you've read this. And for all of you moms who actually want to get something out of this (besides the disbelief that someone would actually go out of their way to create a PHOTOGRAPH about such drivel much less write such a mindless post), I guess I will also post a tip:

  • Keep a kitchen towel hidden on the inside of a cupboard door for your use only. The one on the oven door is a decoy, to be used by hubby and the kids who will inevitably make a mess of it - rendering it utterly useless to you for actual kitchen work. (Boy can I ramble or what? :-) I love blogging..)

Happy now?


Supermom said...

LOL. That sounds like me and my blackberry. To which I am typing away as my husband sleeps and the 5 month old is pushing me out of the bed!!

Thanks for commenting. I needed that.

Shaina Herrmann said...

Oooo. I heart your iPod too. I would love to get one (like yours) someday. I currently have a little 4 GB (whoever would have thought that 4 GB would be a SMALL amount..?) iPod nano that I can listen to music with and play solitaire, that's about it.