Monday, October 6, 2008

Scheduling Step 3 - Starting to Simplify

How are your person by person lists going? (See to get caught up ;-))

It may be overwhelming to see on paper how much needs to get done, knowing how little time there is in a day! Take heart my friends... as I said before, God will provide the time and resources for those things that He has planned for us to do. He's had ample time to prepare for you since He planned all this stuff SO far in advance.

Ephesians 2:10: For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

MORE THAN LIKELY, if you went room by room and listed all the chores that need doing, and then went person by person and listed all of those things that need doing. you have a hefty list (and don't even want to even look at it, LOL).

Don't worry, that was the grunt work. Now we get to do the fun stuff.... STEP 3: Crossing things OFF the lists, and making those things that remain as streamlined and SIMPLE as possible (there's that word again - simple - I just love it).

Do you want to start with the chores or the people? I'm going to suggest we tackle the chore lists first, since these are things that the people are going to have to do. Ok - here we go.. room by room.

Start with the room, or area of your home, that you feel most strongly about. How clean does it need to be for you to feel good and be able to function? How often does it have to be sparkling?

For example: For me, the kitchen is the area of my home that dictates how I feel about the rest of the house. If the kitchen is a mess, I am a mess. LOL. So - I know that I need a clean sink and clear counter space to be able to function well. I can't stand food remains anywhere and like the countertops, table, chairs and highchair to be wiped down. Otherwise meals get delayed, everyone gets cranky and I get flustered. However, this is a high traffic and continuous use area, so I aim to see it sparkle once a day. Any more takes too much work, and any less is chaos.

Next visit the other rooms and give them similar thought (writing the thoughts down of course!). Do you need it perfectly clean once a day to function or is it an area that is a work in progress (like a laundry room). A child's bedroom can fall into either category. Only you can know. But lets be conscious about our surroundings AS TOOL WE USE TO LIVE OUT EVERY DAY LIFE and thus, FULFILL OUR PURPOSE.

And while you are there, open critical eyes to the items in each room. Does everything have a "place to be put away"??? If not, you will never see those things clean. Ever. Where are you going to put them? Try to find a home for everything you see.... or consider throwing it out. Remember take lots of dumps. Unwanted items make for unwanted brain clutter.

If you have large problem areas or items, I suggest getting some boxes or stacking crates and loosely sort them into a "get to it later" pile. The pile should be out of the way, look neat and keep you from feeling overwhelmed. You will get to it as the schedule permits (and it will). Relax, knowing that you will have time later - and don't worry, our goal is not perfection, it is fulfillment.

Ok, thats great for now. I have a crying baby and need to go make lunch. :-) I heart comments and questions so keep 'em coming! Praying for you....

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