Thursday, October 2, 2008

Scheduling Step 2

So how is everyone doing with their chore lists? From the feedback I've received so far, it sounds like we are on track and ready to proceed. Yay! Put your chore lists aside for a moment but don't let them go too far because we will get back to them soon. On to Step 2...

Now that we have a chore list for each room in the home (I hope you included your backyard, garage and cars as well.), we are going to make a special list for each PERSON in the home. These are not for chores, but for activities, goals and current commitments.

For each person, write down:
1) Their purpose/goal statement (Example for my 6 year old: to learn about God and grow spiritually, socially and academically). Be general... there are lots of things that can be said, but focus on what's most important for right now.
2) A list of their current commitments (sports, work, groups, etc).
3) A list of important activities that you don't want overlooked (devotional time, prayer time, homework time, etc).

Don't get overburdened with these lists. We are going to use them as tools to help us create a working schedule for the home. Soon we will be (very carefully and using wisdom) plugging things in to a calendar and seeing it all work together.

****Remember**** The purpose of a schedule is not to "fit everything in and get everything done". It is to help us to fulfill our life's purpose (with God's help) and to have time to do what God is calling us to do.

I firmly believe that if God has work for us to do, He will provide the time and resources to get it done. That only makes sense (If He did it for Moses, He will do it for us!). So if you find yourself not being able to fit everything in to your day, there are likely some things in your schedule that don't belong. I love this word - SIMPLIFY. It's a simply beautiful word. We'll be doing lots of this soon. I'll be writing a bit more tomorrow... so until then...

Have fun, take your time and ask questions if you need to! Praying for you...

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Muthering Heights said...

I agree. It's easy to tell what things you are not meant to be doing, as God will not provide a way for you to fit them in!