Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More scheduling Tips for Maids, I mean MOMMIES

As you all know, I've been reading a book about housekeeping (I love this stuff :-)), and it has really been impressed upon me that the more orderly a woman's home is, the more effective her schedule can be. Yep, it's true ladies, a house that "works" (that is set up to be a tool for daily life) is one that is less work and less stress, leaving you free to use your time for better things!! Yahoo!

I've learned three wonderful things this week that are sure to help us on our journey (Check out the book I mentioned before - The House That Cleans Itself

#1 - Each item you own takes up a piece of your time (bringing it home, placing it, cleaning it, dragging it to the dump when you get bored of it, etc etc). When decluttering, ask yourself the question, is this item worth my time? If not, chuck it. When considering a new purchase, ask yourself the same question. You might save some time, and money!

#2 - Go with the flow. Schedule your cleaning alongside your daily routine whenever possible. For example, when my boy is in the bath, I clean the counters and floors (Don't do this if you have a baby or a young child who needs your attention!!!), and when I'm getting up in the morning, I make the bed right then and there. The less walking back and forth you do, the less time housecleaning takes, and the more time you have in your schedule! It's brilliant!!! For those of you who have known this like, forever, I sound like a complete novice.. haha (shhhhh... don't tell anyone. I'm trying to sound smart.)

And #3 (uh oh, I forgot, what was it again? LOL. I'm tired. I have to start blogging earlier in the evening....) - Ummm... stay tuned for more brilliant tips when I remember tomorrow (hopefully! oops... rats.).

Oh well, two out of three ain't bad. And those two tips were worth their weight in gold for me! I have been finding myself with a cleaner house in LESS TIME, and with much more capacity to carry out the tasks I really desire to tackle - like teaching my children about the Lord and about life. :-) And that's what mommies are for. (I alwatys thought mommies were live in maids/cooks - who knew?)

Ok, since I've now also forgotten the clever and witty ending I had for this post, I am signing off to go to bed. And if you are still up reading, you ought to catch some z's too. :-)
Good night ladies...

P.S. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement yesterday. I love you guys.


Christina said...

lol, I had a nice little ending thought up for my last blog post that I forgot too. Maybe I'll put it in my next post. ; )

Thanks for the tips, I'll be mulling them over.

Muthering Heights said...

Thank you for sharing these tips!

mommaof4wife2r said...

i do the buy only what i love...keep only what i love thing. budgets help that too! :)

keeper of the chocolates said...

ugh.'s like shoveling just keeps coming no matter what with little ones! thanks for this post, it was most encouraging. i hope your doing better today!