Friday, October 10, 2008

Mommy's Going To LOSE It :-)

60 POUNDS I put on in my last pregnancy and ONLY 9 of them popped out in the form of a baby! Sob.

To tell you the truth, I've already wrestled with these 51 pounds before - 2 years previous after my last little 9 pounder was released into the wild (the "wild" is my house, home to 4 roudy little boys). They (the pounds) were not nice to me then and they are not nice to me now.

In fact, I don't remember inviting these lovely bits of padding to take up residence on my you-know-what-I'm-talking-about-here. If they were really useful for the "breastfeeding period" then why haven't they left, 8 months after the fact?? I have sent several eviction notices (seriously).

It took me many months, numerous soccer games, and umpteen trips around the neighbourhood in my fancy new running shoes to get the first 51 to go. According to my calendar, I finally lost all that baby weight about 6 days before blue bundle #4 announced his presence in my freshly reshaped body. Sigh.

I know what you are thinking.... "Come on Rachel. CHINS up! If you lost it once, you can lose it again!" But you don't understand... I have lost it more than once (and I'm not just referring to sticky milk and cheerios molding in my plant pots after breakfast from the previous month). What I mean is, I LOST the baby weight after boy #3, and I LOST the babyweight after boy #4, and (not so) slowly, one by one, those nasty little pounds (20 of them) have come right back to their post, UNINVITED. (Though I think I may have seen those Twinkies and trans-fat free Ruffles writing up little party cards while I wasn't looking - grrrr..)

So now I have to lose it again. Sob. Do you KNOW what this weekend is, up here in the far north? It's THANKSGIVING. Oh the travesty! The absolute torture of it all! The pumpkin pie and turkey gravy are begging me to let them join the party. And I just might cave.

For all of you mommies out there who want to join me in SHUTTING DOWN THE POUND FACTORY FOR GOOD, I have a few tips. Haha. Don't worry, they are legit. I just stopped paying any attention to them once I made my target weight. ***Did you know that maintenance on a 31 year old, post-4-baby body is very different than that of a 24 year old chicklet with only one sweet little package?*** (There's a tip for you new moms!) No fair. But enough of the whining (wah) - this is serious business!
  • There are NO shortcuts. Reduce caloric intake and increase activity.. a.k.a. exercise (I know, such awful words should not be allowed on a family blog).
  • Drink a glass of water before eating any meal or snack. You will be getting your 8 glasses a day, and reducing your appetite at the same time.
  • Be aware of your body's needs. Sometimes you will reach for food when you are really just thirsty (this is a big one) or BORED.
  • DON'T DENY YOURSELF and never get hungry, otherwise your self-control will fly out the window. If you are empty, eat something decent (I mean healthy, not decadent).
  • Arm yourself with good food. If there is nothing healthy easily within reach, you WILL go for the old faithful (more ruffles in the party bag - sigh).

It will happen again! I shall prevail! Unite mothers! Unite against the nasty potato chip King! I am accepting all prayers, resumes (comments from btdt moms) and shouts of encouragement. For those ladies who want to join in the battle, a final word... if you fall off the (chip) wagon, get back on. Don't let any setback set you back! Besides, for me anyway, I have already established that falling off won't really hurt me since I have extra padding to break my fall. Hehehe.. joke's on YOU Mr. Party-Size-Me! LOL. Ok, now I've really lost it :-)....


Muthering Heights said...

You can do it! You already have justs the right attitude!

Just a Mommy said...

Prayers for you!

We drastically changed our eating habits right around the time #2 was about to be born. It was hard, but over time our tastes really changed. I haven't been to Burger King (which used to be a major weakness of mine) in almost a year! It doesn't even sound good to me anymore!

You can do it!!

Kim said...

Hee! Your post made me smile . . . and then I started to cry. DIET? EXERCISE? Whatchoo talkin' bout?!

My body has literally changed since pregnancy with twins. I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but my shape is different--I have all this fat around my middle ("toxic fat"!!) that I've never had before, even after my other pregnancies.