Monday, October 20, 2008

How to have a house that cleans itself!

Do you ever feel like you are cleaning your house ALL DAY LONG? Yeah, me too. Don't you wish that it would do the stinkin' job itself and leave you alone? Haha.. yeah me too.

So when I saw this book <------ sitting on the shelf in the Christian bookstore, I HAD to buy it. A little skeptical (ok, a lot) but hungry for the promised "miracle home" the book insists can be a reality, I eagerly opened it up and started reading.

Can I just say.... GO AND BUY THE BOOK. Trust me, this woman is brilliant! I love her philosophy, and the way she tackles household problems!

Hmm... what can I tell you? A few highlights?
- change your house to suit your life/needs, not the other way around
- a house is a TOOL for the people inside, not vice versa
- she has AMAZING suggestions for specific common problems
- she brings up and explains principles of making your house look perpetually clean that I had never heard of before! (of course, I never learned how to clean a house, but never mind that)

Anyway, its a fun read with embarrassing "messy house" stories, very practical with wonderful tips and suggestions, and a STEP by STEP process easy to follow to convert your home into a HOUSE THAT CLEANS ITSELF! yahoo.

You can check out a sampling of it on her website too at .

A clean house is a less stressful house, and one in which you can complete your tasks to effectively fulfil your purpose in life. Its worth the extra time to set it up right. Happy reading everyone! :-)


Christina said...

I'm definitley going to check it out! It sounds great! :)

jennifersusan said...

this book sounds like a dream come true! i may just have to check it out, because any time i clean i have a flock of children who mess right behind me.

keeper of the chocolates said...

now this sounds like something i could sink my teeth into. i am so anti flylady...sad to say. i need a book that allows me to just work it the best way i can! thanks for this tip!!! your awesome!

ps. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the video of you...i feel like we could be kindred spirits for sure! you crack me up and so does your husband!! he has skills! {mainly some stinky ones, but i mean that in a good way!!}

and btw, there is a special place in heaven for a mom with all boys! you go girl!

list mama said...

That sounds really interesting! I also find it hard to motivate myself to actually clean.


LKHarris-Kolp said...

Sounds too good to be true- I'll have to check it out. (I learned when the kids were little to just let it go- kids appreciate quality time with their parents rather than a spotless home).

Laurie K.

Please follow me, as I follow you.

mommaof4wife2r said...

i can't wait to go and check this out...and i have a gift card too! yeah!