Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Giving more thought to Making a Schedule.

Lots of prep-work goes into creating a working successful family schedule. There are many things that need to be organized and decided upon before I can even look at a calendar. If I jump in too quickly, I are setting myself up for "new-years-resolution" type disapointment and heartache (or is that headache?).

But not to worry, we are getting there! Once all the relevant decisions have been made and the prep-work done, the actual writing of the schedule will be a piece of cake! Like a drag and drop recipe, it will all come together. :)

Thoughts for today:

A schedule is not a 'do everything in one day' or even 'in one week' ambition. Lets get some realistic expectations set up. How many times does the household brass really need to be polished? We have priorities and we need to set them straight.

Not every day is created equal. Some days I will have 10 hours to do laundry and floors, and other days I will have 10 minutes. I like a monthly schedule better than a weekly or daily one.

Some tasks are dependent on others, and doing them in the right order and in the right timing is crucial to getting things done! For example, if I don't make my boys' lunches in the evenings my whole morning the next day gets messed up. Another one - it doesn't make sense to do your dusting after your vacuuming.

Figure out what you really want. Do you want a perfect house? Do you want godly children? My purpose is exactly what I am trying to fulfill by creating a schedule. With this in mind, PRAY PRAY PRAY through the whole scheduling process.

What is your personality type? Are you naturally inclined and disciplined to follow a rigid schedule, or do you need space and flexibility? Don't go against your nature or you will fail. Suit your schedule to fit your God-given traits and you might follow it! But try to squeeze your basic personality into an awkard-fitting schedule and it ain't gonna work. Just like my big size 10 foot is never going to wear a delicate size 6 slipper, no matter how hard I try to shove it in!

Thats all I have time for tonight. And I think that will keep my thinking and writing in my scheduling journal for a while. Let me know what you think, and your experiences! I can always use an education ;-) Good night precious mommies...


Christina said...

One thing I have had to realized in scheduling is that people are more important than my schedule. I don't need to get so carried away with interacting with others that I don't get anything done, but on the other hand, I must not be a slave to my schedule to the extent that I can't fall into step with a fun, spontaneous idea my husband comes up with or take a break to invest some time in my small son by reading together, taking a walk, or whatever else he needs. It's been a learning experience.

hazel eyes said...

I do a few chores every day instead of letting it pile up. When other more important issues come up, chores always get the back burner. I guess it depends on priorities.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and for the prayers! Much appreciated!

Liz said...

I have been thinking a lot about this as well - I get so lost in thinking about what to do or what I should do I often end up doing nothing (well nothing but blogging). I might have to use you as motivation to finally get this done for my house as well...

As for the about me video - I am considering it, but I hate my voice on tape and I am very stage shy so I don't know that it will happen (I am a very harsh critic of myself). Maybe ...we'll me though, if I make one you will be the first to know!!!