Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun Family "Blackout" Night

What words come to mind when you hear the word "Blackout"?

My mind starts playing the twilight zone theme as random images and words flash and pop... such as:

Dark and Spooky
Togetherness and talking
Stubbed toes
Flashlights and campouts
Neighborhood barbeques
Baby booms

???? What does that last one have to do with blackouts? Sigh. Do I have to spell it out for you? In 1998, a major ice storm hit Quebec (check the news archives) and this part of Canada was out of power for 5 days. 9 months later there was a minor baby boom in that region... I'm totally serious. Blackouts can be dangerous!!

This brings me to my point...

It is a good idea to be prepared for blackouts. ;-)

I would like to share my list with you of Things in my "Blackout Bucket". (I am not going to include the obvious, such as canned foods, lanterns and matches. This list is specifically for how to pass the time with kids (especially if don't want to have any more in 9 months time. LOL))

1. A Star-gazing chart (with no lights around, it just may be the perfect time to see stars in the sky you've never seen before. Don't forget to talk about Abraham!)
2. A big blanket to cuddle up in, or make a tent with in your living room.
3. Name badges for everyone in your family - giving them access to the living room tent, which has now become the "Secret Club for members only".
4. A special book you've saved for this day to read together as a family.
5. A Deck of Cards to play crazy 8's, Go Fish, etc.
6. A large flashlight and a straw hat. If you can't go out to see the stars, shine the light through the hat at the ceiling to create your own (I saw this on Caillou - haha).
7. A special snack - my guys love "snow balls" which is just a can of condensed milk poured over a cup of ice. Yum. Don't forget the can opener!
8. A battery operated radio or cassette/cd player. I include a tape of radio shows such as Adventures in Odessey. Find them at
9. A bible. We talk about how God clreated everything out of nothing, and spoke the light into the darkness. What an awesome God we serve!
10. And don't forget a list of "talking" game ideas such as Charades, 20 questions, I Spy, etc.
11. Contraception for after bedtime (ROFL)

Your kids just may have so much fun that they are disappointed when the lights come back on! Feel free to turn them off again. Take advantage of the togetherness time while no one is distracted with anything else. Being prepared can turn a potentially scary event for children into a world of fun.

So what would YOU include in a blackout bucket???

Hmmmm... I think I may plan a "Blackout night" next weekend!! Happy Sunday friends... love to you.


Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

CHOCOLATE!!! That is what I add to everything!! I totally understand the baby boom! We were stuck inside because of flooding and 9 months later my oldest was born! LOL

Liz said...

What a good idea - also could be a fun one if planned!! Thanks for stopping by my blog - it was so nice to know that I had so many wonderful people saying a prayer for me!!

everyday mom said...

What a great idea, we had a huge ice storm here in Illinois 2 years back and had no electricity. Hmmm I would put our wind up flashlight in for sure.

Muthering Heights said...

LOLOLOL about the baby boom! That is so funny!