Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scheduling STEP 1 (Part 3 in the series)

Ok... as I do this whole "schedule" thing, I've discovered a significant truth - one that we desperately need to grab hold of:


This is sooo important. There are many different ways to create a schedule. I am going to share with you my method, but if you prefer a different way, just do a google search, visit a bookstore, or shop through (my fav. place to order books - they have everything! Good prices and quick delivery.).

WILLPOWER my friends! We need it. And its so hard to come by. I have a few suggestions:

- Do it with a friend (preferably one you talk to on a daily basis who can provide accountability).
- PRAY for help. Where does my help come from? It comes from the LORD - See Psalm 121.
- Journal it! Writing down how your day went and how you felt about things will keep you conscious of how things are going. It will keep you from FORGETTING all about the silly schedule. LOL.
- This next one is only for the spiritually MATURE... get your husband to call you during the day, or ask you at night how things are going. I shudder to think about doing this one myself... the result would not be good for my marriage I fear ;-).. hahaha.
- Put post it notes around your home in prominent places as reminders. Ok, they look ugly, but its worth it, and only necessary until you start remembering it on your own. In fact, the ugliness of it will motivate you to get it done so you can take the silly post-its OFF the walls!
- and finally.... SET YOUR ALARM so that you can get started bright and early :). Ouch.

SOOO now that we have determination and perseverence taken care of, and we are properly motivated, here is STEP 1 in actually creating the schedule:

1. With a notebook and pen, go room by room in your home and list everything that needs to be done in each room.

My list looks something like this:

Master Bedroom:
Make bed
Clean windows, mirrors, and walls
Put laundry away
Wash linens
Pick up books, etc
Empty dirty laundry
Fill redistribution bucket (what's this? click here

Great! Get started. Be as detailed as possible - we'll be working with it later. I'll give you a little bit of time.... STEP 2 to follow. Have fun! ;-)

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