Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scheduling STEP 1 - continued.... response to a good ques.!

Hi everyone,

I received a great question from a reader today in response to my earlier post about Scheduling STEP 1 (see it here:

Okay, I'm trying very hard to follow this scheduling thing. I'm all for a schedule and want to jump in but I'm trying to put together:

Life's Purpose
Clean up List

I'm not understanding how they fit together. I'm thinking my Life's Purpose is to love my husband, keep a nice home for my family (including healthy meals), and raise my son to be a responsible man who loves the Lord (quite lofty as right now I'm just waiting for him to figure out how to crawl).

So what does going room to room organizing and cleaning have to do with that exactly and do you make a schedule every day or... what?? And is the clean up list room-by-room the schedule?

It sounds to me like you have your priorities in order... you are right, we need to fulfill life's purpose with our schedule. That is the whole point! :-)

So first of all... I love your purpose statement... and yes it is lofty! I think mothers and wives have a very high calling. Its so high in fact, that we need a place to start.... so I start by going room by room with my chores. This helps me to get going on the "keeping a nice home for my family ". But that is just step 1.

Step 2, which I will post next, is going to be going "person by person" in the family and making a list for each of them. These are very important lists... including things like "prayer time", "bible reading", extracurricular activites, etc.

We are going to be doing some list making, editing, arranging and goal-setting. Everything should come together in the end.

Its too hard to look at the whole when trying to make a family schedule that meets Christian ideals... especially A MOM'S christian ideals. So lets try it step by step... and be willing to be flexible and make changes as we go!

By the way, I am also starting a second blog dedicated to teaching young children from the bible, and growing their faith in a real way. Check it out at :-)

Thanks for the great question!

Keep the questions coming and I will try to answer as many as I can. And if you have suggestions and ways to make it better... thats great too. We can do it together! TTYL

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