Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Schedule... continued...

As I promised before... I am going to be sharing with you all how to create a schedule to help lighten the load at home. Before I actually get into that.. there is something important that we all need to do -


Stop with the tyrrany of the urgent. There is always something important to do. Always something pressing. Always something pulling us in another direction. And satan loves to use this to keep us going, and going and going, until its suddenly many years later, and we never accomplished our main goal - to be one with God, and SEE OUR FAMILY, enjoying them and teaching them, and...

how about this?....

STOPPING with them...

to talk
to read a book
to sit outside
to pray
to look at them and count their toes
to tell them why you love Jesus
to breathe
to relax
to BE....

who God created you to be.

And to STOP and LISTEN.. to hear His voice. Guess what? You may have to wait. But it'll be worth it.

Don't expect that you will find time to slow down... You just need to stop, and do it. Refuse to answer the expected important phone call... refuse to be tortured by the ever growing pile of laundry... let the dishes sit on the table after dinner for a few hours... and (gasp!) allow your kids a night off from sports, tv, or homework so that THEY can listen to God.


now we are treading on dangerous ground.... and my heart is beating faster... I think something is going to happen don't you? what? nothing. yes, nothing..... EXACTLY.

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