Monday, September 22, 2008

Loving laundry :)

Throw away your ironing board!!! At least for everyday laundry... this is such a simple tip that took me years to get a hold of. Use the rack in the laundry room to hang up shirts and other garments directly from the dryer - while they are still warm. They will be wrinkle free and ready to be put away!

If you don't have one already installed, simple clothes hangers and racks can be purchased very inexpensively at walmart, zellers or other department stores.

Another way to cut down on laundry time is to have a shelf or laundry basket for each member of the house in your laundry room. Fold laundry directly out of the dryer (again to save ironing) and place it directly in each person's spot. The clothes are practically already put away. And now you are ready to DELEGATE that responsibility to your husband and children ;-)!

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