Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fun Number Games and ABCs

I finally have my laptop up and running again! Hooray! So I thought I would celebrate with a few pics and some ideas for learning numbers or ABC's!

FIRST OF ALL, a great way to teach young children ANYTHING is to get down to their level and play with them!! My husband has no problems doing this as you can see by my pictures. He is showing my sons what they can do with 2 (count them... 1. 2.) hotwheels play car tires (I'm rolling my eyes as I type), and how to get really creative in their driveway chalk play... thanks honey, now I will never lose the van again. LOL.

Anyhoo, as you can imagine, the kids think daddy is the funniest and coolest guy around.

Try out these fun games with the little ones:


You need:
Alphabet or Number Flashcards
A bucket of cars (or for girls, um how about... barbies? I dunno - I have boys LOL)

Put the flashcards in order in a big line. Set the bucket of toys about 2 meters away. Have a car "race" to the finish line. Call out a number or letter and let your child "race" their car to that card and park on it. We take turns between the kids so there is no fighting or actual "racing" (the cards would be a mess :)), or if there is only one child, you can use a stopwatch. Lots of fun and great learning!

Larger than Life NUMBER LINE

You need:
Masking Tape
A Marker

Using the masking tape, create a large number line on the floor (kitchen or hallway works well) with about a foot between each number. I use the numbers 1 to 10 for little ones and we practice jumping, hopping, walking, etc. They like to jump themselves but also make their stuffed animals jump too. You can call out a number and they can find it. Or do some more advanced math... count by twos or pratice adding and subtracting. The possibilities are endless. My kids especially like when they can call out numbers and mommy does the jumping. Haha... little darlings......


You need:
Soap and a mirror
Paper, Glue and uncooked Macaroni
Pudding and a flat surface

Stand your little one up on your bathroom counter to be able to reach the mirror. Using a bar of soap, help them to write their letters or numbers on the mirror. LOADS of fun thats easy to clean. Make sure you aren't encouraging them to climb up on their own later though. A small stand mirror on the floor works well too.
On a piece of construction paper, draw a large letter or number using white or sparkle glue, and let your child paste pasta onto it.
Smear pudding on the table or high-chair tray and let your child "finger-paint" their letters and numbers... or even just let them have fun and draw. This "free-play" activity is great for occupying babies/toddlers while you cook dinner. Just be ready with the hose when they are finished. :)

So... go nuts and have fun with your babies. They will learn, and you will have an excuse for being a big kid for the afternoon. (My husband doesn't seem to think he needs one.. haha ;-))

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Perfectlove said...

hey spaceofgrace. I LOVE your ideas! very creative. haha.. cute picutures.