Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fun for little Ones - Quick and Inexpensive!!

Grocery Shopping:
As you run out of items at home, such as cereal, mustard, ketchup, margarine etc... basically anything.... wash and save the container (for boxes, just tape up the open end). When you have a number of "items", stock a small shelf (or arrange on different cardboard boxes in "aisles") and let the kids go shopping!

They can make a basket or a shopping card out of a cardboard box, with a hanger shaped for a handle (tape the ends of the hanger so its not pointy)... they can even decorate it, or place a construction paper sign on the wall for their grocery store name. Draw some number buttons on a box for a cash register and use construction paper money. Kids love to use their imaginations!!!

Secret Messages:
On a piece of white paper, have your children write secret messages using a white crayon. The messages will be hidden until they are painted over with watercolour paint! Fun for everyone. Birthday cake candles can also be used (the blunt end - un-lit of course! Make sure your children know not to play with matches).

Alphabet I Spy:
On a piece of paper (clipped to a clipboard if you have one), write the letters of the alphabet in order down the left hand side. Let your children play "I Spy" around the house to find objects that begin with each letter. If they can't write or spell, they can draw the object. This is also a great game for car trips! No more yelling and fighting in the car!! woohoo.

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