Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fun for little Ones 2

Big person Painting:
Go outside. Fill a bucket (with a handle - summer sand box buckets work great) half-full of water, and give to little ones with an adult size paint brush. Let them go nuts painting the house, car, flowers, whatever! Add a drop of food colouring for extra fun.
Magazine or Picture Puzzles:
Cut a picture (magazine or photo) into large simple pieces.. triangles or squares work well. Let your little one try to put the puzzle back together. This is especially exciting if the picture is of them ;)
Balloon Heads:
Very cool fun. Blow up some balloons and then deflate them. Using a funnel, fill the already stretched balloons with as much flour as you can. Add a little water to make the flour pliable, then tie the balloon. Let the kids have fun moulding their balloons into funny balloon heads with funny facial features! :)
Imagination is the key!
(Taken from 501 TV free activites for Kids - Di Hodges)

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