Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dinner for the Week - TURKEY!

Not thanksgiving yet? Thats ok... bake a turkey anyway! Turkey is a healthy meat choice, and often the least expensive per pound or kilogram. Fork out the money for a $40 turkey and use it for over a week's worth of meals. Don't want turkey every day? No problem.... make different meals and freeze them for later. I love turkeys :-).

Some great turkey meal ideas:
Roast Turkey and Potatoes
Turkey Soup
Turkey Stew
Turkey Salad
Turkey Sandwiches
Turkey Casserole
Turkey "Shepherd's Pie"
You can even make a turkey and vegetable medley, and put it in the blender to make baby food.

The ideas are endless! Just google "turkey leftover recipes" and I guarantee some good finds! Send me a comment for a free recipe!



Daphne said...

Rachel, this is a wonderful Blog. Congrats! I will be checking in every so often. Cheers, Auntie Daph

starcasm said...

mmm, turkey