Sunday, September 21, 2008

Buckets buckets buckets

Redistribution Buckets - With four kids, my house can get very cluttered very fast. I keep a decent size bucket on every floor (every room is good if you have the space) for redistributing items to their proper place. It works like this:

1 - As you and other family members are cleaning up a room, whenever they come across an item that doesn't belong in that room (ex. cups in the bedroom, toys in the bathroom), they toss it in the bucket.
2 - When cleanup is finished, someone is designated to redistribute the items to their proper places.

This saves tons of time that would have been spent walking back and forth. Simply go from room to room and unload applicable items.

Another great idea - I have a bucket labelled for each room with items needed for clean-up. For example, in my dining room, I have a bucket with a duster, cloths for wiping, a dustpan and broom and windex (with newpaper) to clean windows. I can even use the bucket for water if needed or as my `redistribution` bucket.

Again, this saves time on walking back and forth. I am a big believer in room by room cleaning. Its the only way I feel like I have gotten anything done!

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