Thursday, September 25, 2008

Band-aids and other Tips to Save MONEY

Do your kids love the fancy "character" based bandaids that cost an arm and a leg? I buy inexpensive fabric bandages, but have an assortment of stickers handy to decorate them. The kids love to pick a sticker for their boo boo (placed in the middle of the bandaid) and I get to save a few hundred dollars (and keep my arm AND my leg... yay!).

My laptop computer is on the fritz today so no new pictures... however we can still be full of ideas eh?

How about some other ways to save money? For example... freezer bags, can be washed and reused (as long as they weren't for meat or anything "yucky"). AND I never buy kitchen "catchers" or any other small garbage bags.... Inevitably throughout the week, I collect a few plastic bags from stores and use those to line my garbage bins. I use the eco-friendly fabric bags for grocery shopping but still manage to collect enough for garbage.

I also highly recommend - for those of you with babies... DO NOT BUY a diaper bag! Use a backpack! You will need BOTH hands to push your stroller, or chase and hold your baby wherever you go. And may I share??? I don't place really stinky diapers in my diaper pail. I put those directly in the outdoor garbage bin. That way I don't have to empty the pail quite as often, or gag every time I walk into the baby's room. :)

So.... thats today's update. I bet many of you have a great tip you'd like to share! Send it to me at - and don't forget to check out my fall submission contest and send me your tips and cute pictures! In November I will post the winners. --------->>>

Have a great day!

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hey spaceofgrace! I love todays entry! Very creative. Keep up the good work. :)