Friday, September 26, 2008

Adventures in Baking and Other Dangerous Experiments :)

Ahhh... the joys of baking and working in the kitchen. This morning I decided to treat my kids to a yummy breakfast "biscuit" recipe I found in a cookbook last week. I lovingly poured out and baked the ingredients, artfully arranged them on my breakfast china (plastic plates from ikea) and made a big show of calling the children to their special treat, made once in a lifetime by yours truly.

. . . . . . .

Lets just say that "once in a lifetime" was the children's favourite part about my breakfast surprise. I heard a brave, "this is delicious" from my oldest son (bless his heart) followed by some muffled coughing and sputtering from the others. My third born son (yes I have all boys), who is 3 years old, finally broke the awkward silence with a tortured "eeeeewwwwwwwww!"

Humph.. well! the gall! the absolute rudeness! I cannot believe MY sons would be so spoiled as to not be able to appreciate such fine cooking and the effort put in to giving THEM my such a treat...... pass me the fork...

oh..... DEAR (gag, choke)..... yes well.... they can't all be winners I guess. HOWEVER THERE IS ALWAYS A SILVER LINING (look for it and praise God - this is an essential skill for EVERY mother) - my kids have never been so eager to clear the table and clean up after breakfast! :-)

((((Oh yes, this is a blog that is supposed to be helpful to mothers out there running their home.)))) AHEM. So... today's lesson is very important:

THINGS RARELY (note **never) WORK OUT PERFECTLY IN A HOUSEHOLD WITH CHILDREN (or men for that matter.......... hmm, ok with any breathing, moving lifeforms), SO ALWAYS BE FLEXIBLE AND LEAVE TIME TO DO SOMETHING ELSE.

Also, remember our kitchen and baking rules to make things run smoothly:
1. Fill the kitchen sink with warm soapy water to toss dirty cooking dishes and utensils into.
2. Start with a clear counter.
3. Gather all ingredients and measuring spoons/bowls, etc before you start.
4. Preheat the oven and prepare your cooking dish FIRST (ie. grease your muffin tins)
5. Put each ingredient away as you use it.

This way if you have a disasterous result with your cooking experiment like mine, at least you don't have to deal with a mess to really top off your morning. LOL. AND ONE FINAL TIP -> for those of you who have children eager to clean up their breakfast plates like mine... keep all plastic children's dishes and cups in a low reachable drawer, or in a tub at the bottom of the pantry - so that your kids can reach what they need to set the table, and put their dishes away when clean and done. Don't worry about them being neatly arranged. The next chemical kitchen experiement will be underway soon enough......

"Anybody seen my apron?" Hey.... where'd everybody go?

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Perfectlove said...

haha, spaceofgrace you make me laugh! When I read this I pictured your kids and the reactions they gave. Who knew that cooking some breakfast would turn out that way eh? I always love reading your entries, and today you made me smile. :) Thanks for the smile, and for the kitchen tips.